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Sustainability Projects

Vanderbilt University Sustainability Project

The Cumberland Project is part of a larger effort at Vanderbilt University entitled the Sustainability Project, an effort to create a campus-wide conversation that will both deepen understandings of and commitments to sustainability. The Sustainability Project is generously funded by the College of Arts and Science Fant Fund.

The Ponderosa Project

The Ponderosa Project at NAU is an interdisciplinary faculty effort to incorporate environmental sustainability issues into NAU courses. The Ponderosa Group offers faculty workshops and seminars that support the curricular innovation required for teaching about environmental sustainability.

The Piedmont Project

The Piedmont Project has become a national model for faculty development and curricular innovation around sustainability.  The project is an important part of Emory’s academic commitment to transforming culture toward sustainability. Faculty participants revise existing courses, created new courses, or created course modules for their individual summer projects.

The Fall Line Project

The Fall Line Project, named for the position of Auburn at the geographic interface between the hard rock of the uplands and the sandy soils of the coastal plains, is a one-and-a-half day workshop for academics interested in incorporating sustainability into their curricula.