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Sample Syllabi

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education has compiled a listing that contains annotated links to 13 syllabi databases and lists related to sustainability.  Collectively they provide well over a thousand sustainability syllabi.

American Anthropological Association
Anthropology and the Environment Section Syllabi Collection

Links to approximately 20 syllabi for anthropology courses related to the environment.

Aspen Institute and World Resources Institute
Beyond Grey Pinstripes Course Database

Contains descriptions of approximately 1700 business school courses related to social and environmental stewardship, including downloadable (pdf or doc) syllabi for nearly 300 of these courses. The database is searchable by any combination of keyword, academic department, and institution.

Associated Colleges of the South
Environmental Alliance Syllabi List
Listing of approximately 20 links syllabi related to the environment from members of the Associated Colleges of the South. Organized by discipline, not searchable.

Association for the Study of Literature and Environment
Collection of Syllabi in Literature and Environment
Contains nearly 150 syllabi for courses in literature and the environment in pdf form. Syllabi are organized by category. Not searchable and no longer updated.

Campus Compact
Service-Learning Syllabi Database
Contains over 300 exemplary service-learning syllabi across a wide variety of disciplines. Browsable by discipline.

Environmental Justice Resource Center
Environmental Justice Curriculum Resource Guide
Contains approximately 30 environmental justice syllabi from a wide range of disciplines including sociology, urban planning, law, health, natural resources, and geography. Not searchable.

Harvard University Center for the Environment
Forum on Religion and Ecology Syllabi List
Contains approximately 30 syllabi related to religion and the environment, listed by instructor. Not searchable. Most syllabi are in html but some are pdf.

The International Society for Environmental Ethics and the International Association for Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Ethics Syllabus Project
Contains syllabi for roughly 100 courses in environmental philosophy and environmental ethics. Browse by course title, instructor, region, and institution. Not searchable.

Net Impact
Social Impact Syllabi Database
A collection of about 15 social impact syllabi from MBA programs.

Second Nature/EFS West
Course Syllabi Database
Contains hundreds of syllabi related in sustainability in a wide array of disciplines. Searchable by keyword and also browseable by subject area and by institution. No longer updated.

Sustainable Universities Initiative
Syllabi Database
Contains syllabi for approximately 12 courses related to sustainability collected from the 16 participating campuses in South Carolina’s Sustainable Universities Initiative.

Web of Creation
Syllabi Project
Listing of approximately 15 syllabi related to the environment from seminary and divinity schools courses. All syllabi are in html.

World Resources Institute
Business-Environment Learning and Leadership (BELL) Program Syllabi Database
A database of business school course syllabi that showcases what teaching materials professors have used to integrate environmental content into their courses. Approximately 30 syllabi in html format. Not searchable, but browsable by course title, university, instructor, and discipline.