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Vanderbilt Tree Tour

Steve Baskauf, senior lecturer in Vanderbilt’s Department of Biological Sciences, has created a virtual walking tour of the Vanderbilt Arboretum, which includes walking instructions and photographs of each highlighted tree, including close-ups of its bark, a twig, a leaf, a flower and its fruit or seed.  Steve’s Bioimages website, of which the tree tour is a part, also includes an interactive map of North American eco-regions and an extensive database of the plants of the Southeastern United States.

The trees on these tours were selected to represent native tree species that are commonly seen in Nashville and the middle Tennessee area. The tours also include a few commonly planted or naturalized species that are not native to Tennessee as well as a few other botanically interesting species that are present on campus.

The tree tour is available in an interactive online format and as a printable pdf file.  The paper version does not have the images and interactive maps that the online version does.  However, it is available for those who don’t have a laptop or who aren’t interested in lugging it around campus!

Steve has also created a list of highlights and interesting facts about the Vanderbilt Arboretum.